Relay For Life Cancer Fundraiser

An estimated 124,910 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. That’s an extremely high number.

Cancer affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in Australia before they reach the age of 85. That’s a hell of a lot of us.

In 2006, I was one of those statistics, and it was well before I reached the ripe old age of 85.  Not long after I turned 18, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was rushed in for surgery less than 2 weeks later and received various treatments for the following year. It definitely wasn’t what you would call a fun time, but I was really lucky in that thyroid cancer is treatable and the cancer was detected quite early on. And now I’m right as rain.

As cancer is something that affects so many people, and is a disease I directly relate to, I am thrilled and honoured to be performing at a number of Cancer Council Relay For Life fundraisers around Victoria this month. All proceeds from the event go towards helping to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

Performing at Relay For Life is my small way of giving back and helping those affected by cancer. I’m so glad to be part of such an amazing event and organisation.



 (Photos taken at Whitehorse Relay For Life on Nov 16 2013)

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Oh hey!

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